Autodesk Inventor Part Modeling Tutorial #3

In this video tutorial I will take you through each step to create a 3D model of the part shown in Autodesk Inventor. The following tools are used in this tutorial: Extrude, Hole, Project Geometry, Tangent constraints, Colinear constraints, Chamfer, and Mirror. Each sketch is fully dimensioned and constrained before creating the features. The detailContinue reading “Autodesk Inventor Part Modeling Tutorial #3”

AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks – Part 3: Flip (Mirror)

In this installment of my series on Dynamic Blocks in AutoCAD, we are going to take a look at how to add the Flip action to a block. The Flip action works just like the Mirror command. I have always wondered why Autodesk chose to name it differently. Just like with the mirror command, weContinue reading “AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks – Part 3: Flip (Mirror)”